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Mobility aid helping stroke patients get back on their feet

A QuickMove mobility aid purchased by the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation for the Toowoomba Hospital rehab unit is making a difference for patients and staff

The mobility aid assists patients with rising to a standing position, during transfers to wheelchairs/shower chairs/bed side chairs. It helps to improve the patients strength and participation in their rehabilitation by assisting in balance and strength.

Currently there is only one QuickMove device in the unit. This is used to perform patient transfers for care provision. However, the QuickMove is also used for patients requiring transfer during their rehabilitation gym sessions. This leads to delays in therapy and patient cares due to continuous moving of the device from the wards to the gym and vice versa.

The new QuickMove means that the original mobility aid will no longer need to be shared meaning the patients and staff will have greater access to its positive effects.

This purchase would not have been possible without generous support from the Toowoomba community - thank you!

13 Mar 2018