We fund state-of-the-art equipment, research and staff development

Since our humble beginning 25 years ago, the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation has provided more than $9 million to the Toowoomba Hospital, Baillie Henderson Hospital, Mt Lofty Heights Nursing Home and the local health service.

Delivering health care and related services can be expensive and there will always be a gap between the need for investment and the resources governments can make available.

The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation assists in ensuring that every patient who visits our hospital's receives the best possible care, and that our health professionals have access to scholarships, research and staff development opportunities.

With the support of the community, the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation continues to play a vital role in assisting to fund the needs of our hospital's to deliver the greatest impact.

Our funding focus

  • We provide funding for equipment and supplies and to enhance facilities to promote health and to aid the local health services in our district;
  • We provide funding for training, education and professional development for our dedicated health service staff; and
  • We provide funding to promote health and medical research.

THF CEO Alison Kennedy, Pathology Queensland's Neil Dawson, Clinical Nurse Consultant - Tranfusion Susan Kay and Deputy Director of Anaesthetics Lynn Abraham.
Dr Sheree Conroy, Director of Clinical Training and Chair of the Reducing Harm Committee for the DDHHS with one of the LIFEPAK Express units.

Funding boost for anaesthetics department

Toowoomba Hospital patients are benefiting from a new state-of-the-art device which works to rapidly assess patients with bleeding issues and deliver faster treatment.

Valued at $37,000, the ROTEM (Rotational Thromboelastometry) Sigma Bleeding Management System is a recognised point-of-care testing device which allows for the rapid assessment of why a patient is bleeding and how to stop it.

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Giving hearts a jump start

Hearts at the Toowoomba Hospital will receive an extra 'jump-start' should they need it thanks to four new Lifepak express Defibrilators.

These defibrillators, valued at approximately $1500 each, can provide a life-saving electrical impulse to the heart in the event of cardiac arrest, before professional medical assistance arrives.

The units are specifically designed to be used by non-medical first aid providers, providing step-by-step voice commands on how to use the unit, meaning that anyone can help save a life.

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In 2015-16, $82,733 was allocated to professional development, training and education courses and we awarded $112,383 for 25 scholarships

$168,442 was dedicated to equipment, resources and facilities in the 2015-16 financial year

For Staff

Who can apply for funding?

Funding is available for staff of the Toowoomba Hospital, Baillie Henderson Hospital and Mt Lofty Heights Nursing Home in the following four categories:

  • Equipment, facilities enhancement and supplies to promote better outcomes and to aid health services. 
  • Health and medical research.  For more information please visit our RESEARCH PAGE.
  • Education, training and professional development. 
  • Scholarships. 

Applications are considered at the 11 board meetings held throughout the year.  Please see the relevant guidelines for specific timing requirements. If you would like more information about our funding programme please call us today. 


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