Every day, staff at the Toowoomba Hospital, Baillie Henderson and Mt Lofty Heights Nursing Home work their hardest to ensure the best outcomes and opportunities for our patients and their families. Read some of their stories here.

Andrea Barber, Nurse Unit Manager, Regional Cancer Centre, Toowoomba Hospital
Feena Enfantie, Cardiac Scientist, Cardiac Investigations Unit, Toowoomba Hospital

Meet Andrea

Andrea oversees staff and patients in the Toowoomba Hospital's Regional Cancer Centre, is grateful for her wonderful staff members, and one day hopes to have dinner with MIchelle Obama.

Meet Feena

Feena oversees the Toowoomba Hospital's Cardiac Investigations Unit - which opened nearly 2 years ago, loves offering services that traditionally did not exist at the hospital, and would have opened her own cafe if she didn't specialise in echocardiography.

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