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Checkmyrota portal also requires you to be a member of the franchise of the Argos limited. Steps to make a successful login attempt to the checkmyrota portal. Visit the link here at check my rota. A page will be displayed asking you to enter your username followed by password. After successfully completing the task  you will have to press the enter button. If you face any problem while handling the checkmyrota portal, please contact the official customer support services for further information regarding the working of the portal. Checkmyrota app is the latest app which was launched by the Argos to move closer to its employees. The employees can
download their checkmyrota app through the play store or apple users. The provisions of the app includes, visualising their payslips, checking the schedules, organising meetings, making plans for annual celebrations, announcing leaves to the  customers, company holidays and much more just by using the checkmyrota portal. The portal runs round the clock there by helping their customers regarding solving issues. Argos created the checkmyrota portal with an urgent need to address their payslips issues.

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