Regional Cancer Centre

Help Us Build The Regional Cancer Centre

On an average day Darling Downs Health Cancer Care Services will see over 90 patients from across the region and this number is growing.  

As the need for cancer care grows in our community a new dedicated Regional Cancer Centre is now vital to the care and treatment of patients.  

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In the last five years, the number of cancer patients being seen and treated by the Medical Oncology Service at Toowoomba Hospital has doubled

“Cancer is set to become the second biggest killer, unfortunately, and we are seeing 15% year-on-year growth in a number of patients who come for our service. This is a disease that needs treatment now, but we also need to be planning for the future.” 

“Toowoomba needs a cancer centre. We need a dedicated place where people can come and see specialists, not just doctors, we’re talking about specialist nurses, specialist allied health. We need a gym where people can actually rehabilitate from their treatment. We need dedicated laboratories that are specific for cancer care and be able to use the amazing improvements in technology to provide treatment to patients further afield.” 

Dr Harry Gasper – Director of Medical Oncology
Render of the proposed Regional Cancer Centre

A new stand-alone facility

With Regional Cancer Services not included in the new Toowoomba Hospital, this is an opportunity to create a fit-for-purpose Cancer Centre that brings together the people, equipment, expertise, services, and healing environments needed to treat hundreds of people across the Darling Downs.  

This project will provide our region’s cancer patients with a safe and comfortable space just for them, with the goal to open alongside the new Toowoomba Hospital in 2027. 

To achieve this bold vision, we need your help

We’ve partnered with Darling Downs Health to help fund the new Regional Cancer Centre, committing to match-funding of up to $10 million.  

Help us turn this bold vision into a reality for our region’s cancer patients.

Or contact CEO Alison Kennedy for a confidential discussion on how you would like to support the Regional Cancer Centre 07 4616 6572 or email 


What is the need to build a dedicated Regional Cancer Centre?

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In the Darling Downs and Southwest Queensland, we see on average 2,335 new cancer diagnoses every year, and this number is increasing. Cancer Care Services at Toowoomba Hospital provide treatment and services to patients from across the Darling Downs, Southwest Queensland, and Northern New South Wales in a space that is no longer able to meet the increase in demand. We need to expand to meet the growing number of patients, bring specialists together in the one space, and provide a service that supports the patient and their families outside of a hospital setting. 

What is the total cost to build the new Regional Cancer Centre?

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It is estimated that to build the Regional Cancer Centre will cost the Darling Downs Health Service $20 million. The Foundation has committed to match funding of up to $10 million and will focus our fundraising efforts on this target over the next 2 – 5 years.

Where will the new Regional Cancer Centre be located?

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The Regional Cancer Centre will be co-located at Baillie Henderson Hospital with the new Toowoomba Hospital. Darling Downs Health has earmarked an existing facility on the campus that will be renovated into a fit-for-purpose Cancer Centre.

How can I be a part of building the new Regional Cancer Centre?

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The Regional Cancer Centre is not going to be possible without the generosity of our community, philanthropic partnerships, and businesses. If you would like to discuss how you can support this project, please contact our CEO Alison Kennedy on 07 4616 6572 or email

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