Gifts in Wills

Leave a lasting gift and make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by illness and injury.

Through your Will you can help the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation continue your legacy far beyond your lifetime through the funding of life-saving equipment, patient care programs, staff development, research and scholarships. 

You can make the life of a staff member a little easier, the day for a patient a little brighter, and bring peace of mind to the loved ones of patients.

Your impact of giving can make a difference to a cancer patient, a sick child or someone with a life-altering injury and will inspire the future successes of our hospitals and staff.

There are a number of ways you can leave a gift in your Will to the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, we recommend speaking with your solicitor to see how you can include us in your Will.

For a confidential discussion on our Gifts in Wills program contact our office on 4616 6166 or email 

Gifts in Wills Booklet

Gifts in Wills Booklet

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What is a gift in Will? 

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A gift in your Will is a pledge to make a future donation to charity. With the help of your solicitor a gift in your Will can be made after financial commitments, funeral arrangements and your loved ones have been looked after. A gift in Will allows you the chance to give to a cause close to your heart after your lifetime. 

Why should I leave a gift in my Will to THF?

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Leaving a gift in your Will is a way of supporting the causes you care about today without having to make an immediate financial contribution. Your gift to THF will mean that we can continue to fund vital equipment, patient programs, research, and staff development and scholarships so that our region receives the best possible healthcare.

How do I leave a gift in my Will to THF? 

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We understand that your priority when making or updating your Will is to provide for your loved ones. Many people find that even after they've done this there's an opportunity to leave a gift to charity. We strongly recommend seeking legal advice when it comes to organising your Will. A legal professional can guide you through the process and suggest how you might be able to leave a gift.

Do I need to choose a specific area to leave my gift?

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No. We do recommend leaving a general gift as this will help THF direct your donation to where it's needed most and give us flexibility to respond to the changing needs of our hospitals and health service.

Should I notify you if I've included you in my Will?

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We understand that making a Will can be a very private matter, so you are under no obligation to share this information with us. However, we do love to hear from those who support the Foundation as it gives us the opportunity to personally thank you for leaving such a special gift. 

I've already made my Will, can I still leave a gift?

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If you've already drafted your Will, we recommend speaking with your solicitor who can help you create a codicil to include a gift in your Will to THF and ensure that your wishes are expressed correctly. 

My gift is only modest, does that matter?

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The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation is honoured and grateful to have the support of people like you, who choose to leave a gift in their Will. Every gift, no matter how great or small, makes a world of difference to our patients and health service and is greatly appreciated. 

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