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The employees can also opt for the plans which benefits their family members even. The other plans offered at the portal are the retirement plans, 401k plans, savings plans and other financially benefit plans etc., But before all this to happen, the employee must be the member of the portal, if he/she fails to be the member of the livetheorangelife portal then they can not sign in to the portal. So, it is a must to the every working employee of the Home Depot company as well the customers to register themselves at the Livetheorangelife portal before they can login to the portal securely. Livetheorangelife is the login portal for the all the working as well as customers of the Home Depot company. The login procedure and registration procedure are mentioned here, please go through the step by step process to make your login attempt to the portal a successful one. The procedure for logging in to the livetheorangelife portal is as follows. Go to the link by clicking it here Now enter your livetheorangelife portal username and password carefully. Make sure you have registered yourself before you actually login to the portal.