Claire's Cut for Cancer

By Naomi Wilson

Claire's Hair Chop

Well the month is here for the big hair chop - only 3 weeks to go!

Those of you who know Claire know that she is a girl who loves all things pretty.  She collects cute toys, tiny erasers, sparkly stones - pretty much anything shiny, cute or pretty.  Her collection of hair bands, clips and bows is impressive.

So giving up her golden locks is a big sacrifice,  but one she is determined to make.  She started talking about this for over a year ago now and she has patiently waited for it to be long enough to donate the required 36cm.  She has gritted her teeth (and let's admit it - yelled) through having her hair brushed every day - she has such fine hair and so much of it and it tangles super easily.  And every time we've offered to cut it earlier she tells us no - she is going to donate it.  

The nerves are building - I think I'm going to be the worst one though!

24 days and counting - let's see how much we can raise to support the fight against cancer.

I'm raising funds for the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation

My wonderful 7-year-old daughter, Claire, has been growing her hair for what feels like forever, with the goal of donating it to Variety's Hair with Heart so that a cancer patient might get as much joy from it as she has. 

She has finally reached the necessary 36 centimetres of golden locks to chop.  We would love it if she could also raise some funds in support of the MJH Finance Colour of Change Breast Cancer luncheon via Toowoomba Hospital Foundation.  We will be making the cut at the sold out event held at Fitzy's in support of BreastScreen Toowoomba on 30 May in front of a room full of women and men. 

Please support Claire in her heartfelt cause - she will need all the encouragement she can get when it comes time to watch those beautiful curls come off!

Thank you to my Supporters


Scott Wilson

Go Claire-Bear - can't wait to see you with short hair!!


S And T Glass

Wow what a gorgeous little girl so brave and what a wonderful kind heart!!!


Naomi Wilson


Karen Evans


Roxanne Stewart

Well done Claire :) so selfless <3


Cheryl Wilson


Jessica Van Vondere



Such a brave selfless act for you to achieve Claire. We will miss your locks.. You go girl! 👍🤜🤛💜


Heidi Phillips

You’re a little champ Claire! Well Done. From Joe, Evie & Darcy


Nicci Gilbert


Richelle Jeffrey


Nicole Greig


Fleur Brienen

Hi Claire! Maybe you can't remember me, but when i was in australia (allready 7 years ago) you where still a little girl. If i see how much you have grown and with this fantastic initiative to donate your hair, it makes me proud! I work with adults who have cancer and i know how much it means for them if they can get new hair. What you are doing for other childeren is a example for all the other kids in the world! Love Fleur


Kath Teese

Great work Claire


Piper Dolley




Jen Horsten


Shannon Zimmerle

Amazing selfless act Claire


Shaylene Harth

Claire, you rock!