Fundraise for Toowoomba Hospital Foundation

Fundraising is one of the most powerful, enjoyable, and rewarding ways you can make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

  • Wendy Titterton just donated $52.75
  • Kayelene just donated $105.50
  • Stef Roberts just donated $50.00
  • Erika just donated $26.38
  • Michelle Greenlaw just donated $50.00
  • The Moores just donated $26.38
  • Karlie Sandaver just donated $26.38
  • The Petersen's just donated $26.38
  • Sharene and Jase just donated $10.55
  • The Coolings just donated $26.38
  • Danielle just donated $10.55
  • Ruth McGurk just donated $52.75
  • Renata Clarke just donated $52.75
  • Sarah just donated $27.00
  • Karen just donated $26.38
  • Matthew just donated $26.38
  • Anonymous just donated $315.00
  • Calum Greenall just donated $10.55
  • Claire Ryan just donated $170.91
  • Dean Heckscher just donated $105.50

Hosed Building and Gutters

Matt and the team from Hosed Building and Gutters rallied together and raised an astounding $1,850 in support of our Toowoomba Hospital Christmas Appeal by donating $50 from every service they undertook in the month of December.

Thanks to the Hosed team and their wonderful clients the Antenatal and Gynaecology Clinics at Toowoomba Hospital will receive a much-needed makeover from funds raised through our 2023 Christmas Appeal.

Donating a portion of your sales is a fantastic and simple way for local businesses and their customers to support the Foundation and the work of our health service.

Get started in three easy steps


Whether it’s a run, shaving your head, or celebrating a milestone sign-up and create your own online page to start fundraising.


Help others know why you’re fundraising in support of the Foundation by personalising your online fundraising page with photos and blog posts.


Show how you’re making a difference to the lifesaving care of our patients and share your fundraiser with your friends, family, and work mates through your social media, email or even in conversation.

The impact of our fundraisers

In 2022 – 2023 our community helped gift


Through supporting events, hosting fundraisers, and donations.


Through our 2022 Toowoomba Hospital Christmas Appeal in aid of refurbishing the Toowoomba Hospital Neonatal Unit.


In goods, services, materials, and labour to update our Clive Berghofer Toowoomba Hospital Accommodation Units.

Ways you can fundraise

From hosting your own to supporting others, no matter how big or small, your contribution will help us support the lifechanging and life-saving work of Darling Downs Health.

Create your own

Register to do your own online fundraiser with Toowoomba Hospital Foundation and raise money for your local hospital, a cause close to your heart, or in honour of someone you care about. It’s easy to sign-up and start fundraising today!

Fundraise on Facebook

Do you have a birthday coming up? Or would like to ask your friends to help raise funds in support of the Foundation? Creating a Facebook fundraiser is a great way to bring awareness to causes you care about while supporting local health services.

Support our fundraisers

Looking for a cause to support but not too sure where to start? Check out all the incredible fundraisers who are raising funds in support of Toowoomba Hospital Foundation.


How do I start fundraising for the Foundation?

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The easiest way to fundraise in support of Darling Downs Health is to sign-up to do an online fundraiser and share it with your friends, family, colleagues, and networks.

If you have an idea to fundraiser for us but would like to explore it further, please get in touch with us at

Can I choose where my fundraising goes?

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Any funds raised through our online fundraising goes wherever help is most needed within Darling Downs Health. If you would like your fundraiser to go towards a particular area of Darling Downs Health please get in touch with us.

I’m having trouble setting up my fundraising page. Can you help me?

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If you’re having trouble creating your page or logging in, please get in touch at and we can help troubleshoot your issue.

Do I need to let you know I’m fundraising for you?

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If you are fundraising in support of Toowoomba Hospital Foundation we’d love to hear from you so that we can keep in touch and celebrate your fundraising success.

Are there resources available for me to use?

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We have several resources currently in development, such as templated posters, social media tiles, and email templates. These resources will be available soon.

We have a limited number of resources such as money tins we may be able to loan out. Contact our office at to find out more on how we can support your fundraising event or activity.

How do I get a copy of your logo to use for my fundraiser?

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We ask that you contact our office for use of our logo. We will be able to send you the correct files and brand guidelines. Please email

Can people who donate receive a tax-deductible receipt?

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All donations over $2 made to online fundraisers will automatically be emailed a receipt. If you have donated to a fundraiser and misplaced your receipt please contact our office at with the details you used to make the donation and we can help re-issue your receipt.

Start fundraising

There are so many ways you can make a difference in the lives of our patients.

Need more information, inspiration or would like to tell us about your fundraiser? Contact us

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Not ready to fundraise just yet?

There’s still plenty of ways you can help support the lifechanging and life-saving work of Darling Downs Health.

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