Bundy to Brissy - Turn to Me

By Brendan Gale-Grant

I'm Helping to Break the Stigma of Mental Health and Raising Funds for Turn to Me

I'm raising funds for the Turn to Me awareness campaign supported by Toowoomba Hospital                           

Turn to Me was an idea born by a few rugby league players talking openly in their dressing room and sharing their own personal feelings, thoughts and concerns having heard the news of talented young players who unfortunately ended their lives. These footballers took it upon themselves to be proactive and wanted to make an active difference to people suffering in silence with their own personal mental injuries.

Selflessly, they continued to build momentum towards their focus and established their own awareness campaign ‘Turn to Me’. Co-founded by Petero Civoniceva, Isaak Ah Mau & Steven Johnson. Turn to Me is focused on two main things, increasing the awareness of and normalising mental Injuries.

Turn to Me is about openly communicating, it’s about talking to people around you to break down stigmas that have surrounded mental illness and to rely on your own support network. Originally this was aimed at grassroots Rugby League but the message has expanded and has broader reach.

On the 5th, 6th, & 7th April, I'll be riding over 480kms from Bundaberg to Brisbane.  Starting in Bundy, our ride will take us through Biggenden, Maryborough, Noosa, Molloolaba, Landsborough, & Caboolture, before ending outsude of Queensland iconic Suncorp Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Our aim is to raise awareness around mental illness and normalise the conversations.  We aim to raise monies to enable Turn to Me and the Black Dog Institute to continue their work in helping prevent anymore people from suffering in silence.

From my own experiences, I'm passionate about mental health awareness.  This is my part in helping to elleviate the stigma of mental health.

Thank you to my Supporters


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Have fun on your ride, Youngster


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Brendan Gale-grant