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Guide to use Google Flights
When I start planning a trip the first internet page that opens on my computer is Google Flights. Without a doubt, it is my number one ally for travel planning, whether it is to find the best fares, airlines that fly to a certain place, different routes, etc. I always use this tool. For many people with a little more experience and familiar with the world of travel we also use ITA Matrix, which is an extremely powerful tool, however it is more complicated to take advantage also that its interface is not so friendly.
ITA Matrix was purchased by Google in 2011, and the computer giant has used part of that technology to develop Google Flights that its intention is to be friendly and used by the majority of the population, so in this guide I’m going to show you how Use Google Flights to find the best airfares.
How to use Google Flights cheap flights
Google Flights Airports
Here we can add up to 5 departure airports.
When we just opened Google Flights we will see a map indicating the prices to different destinations, likewise we will see several boxes with other popular destinations to which there are good air fares. The suggestions shown there are based on our current location or our location according to our Google account if we have a session started.
Your current location will be used to fill the space. From where? however you can add other airports that are nearby, a maximum of 5. Whenever I search for international travel fares, I make sure to select the actual airport of departure, but I also include MEX and CUN airports for Mexico City and Cancun respectively. This is because many international airlines operate only at these airports and do not connect inland or if they do, it increases the price a lot. In my case, almost always the best fares are leaving from Cancun, so after that I look for a cheap flight from Villahermosa to Cancun.
Searching with a defined Destiny.
Suppose you want to go specifically to Munich, Germany and you know more or less when you want to travel. Google Flights will show you the rates available for those dates departing from the airports previously selected. Search Google Flights opc 1
If they notice in the upper part of the results, Google suggests other dates that the rates are lower, even telling us how much we would be saving:
Search Google flights opc 2
By accepting Google’s suggestion we saved $ 198 USD on this flight.
Another very useful option is to use the options of “Price Schedule”, “Price Chart” and “Flexible Dates”, these options will give us the prices for the combination of departure and return dates in the period of time we are looking for. It should be noted that these options are only available when we select 1 departure airport.Google Flights Price Schedule
All these options that we have just seen give us more information about the behavior of prices and allows us to play a little with our dates.
Searching with Defined Dates but without Defined Destination
This is one of the options I like most about Google Flights, since lately I have my time very restricted, therefore I have to travel on certain dates. But on the other hand, I’m always open to discover new destinations, so this is an incredible tool for that.
Assuming I want to leave Mexico City or Cancun and want to go somewhere in South America:
Google Flights Destination South America
Many options to go! Above all Lima, Peru is calling me with that price of $ 278.
This way it would be coming out of Chicago and assuming that my dates are from April 23 to 30 and I know that I want to go somewhere in Asia:Google Flights Asia
As you can see in the picture the map gives me the prices of the flights for all those different destinations to travel specifically on the dates I selected. $ 575 to Hong Kong and $ 549 to Shanghai! Tempting?
Finally, if we want to fly (or not fly) on a specific airline or in a particular alliance to accumulate miles, filtering our results by airline is a great tool. In my case, I am generally looking to fly in United, since I have most of my miles there and they give me many benefits for my status, if there is no United I am looking for Star Alliance and so I am leaving … These filters apply for the number of scales we want to make, price, schedule, etc.
Many times we do not want to travel in a certain airline, here we omit the results.
How do we reserve?
Once we have selected our flight, in the bottom part we will see the options to book. The booking process will be done directly with the airline or with the site suggested by Google. When you click you will send us to the “check-out” page where all the details of the flight will be and we simply enter our information

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