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Google refines hotel and flight reservations
We have not finished the summer holidays yet and there are those who are designing their Christmas holidays. To facilitate the work for travelers, Google has launched a new tool that shows the trend of prices in holiday periods. 
With the help of Google News Lab and Polygraph have launched a new tool that shows how prices change depending on when the reservation is made and where you travel. It is applied, especially, in flights of popular destinations. With this, they intend to help the traveler find flight and hotel offers for very busy dates. 
With this comparative tool, Google also shows destinations that have unusually low hotel prices for vacations. In addition, while deciding the hotel, Google will show the traveler experiences that can be made in destination. And it will do it according to the activities that other travelers have saved in Google Search or Maps.
In addition, Google will launch another 'tip' for the flight part. Tell the traveler if the price you see is 'good', that is, if it is relatively low , if it is normal for that date or if it is very high, based on historical prices or prices of other companies.
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Good offers with Explore Map
The technology has also added new ways to find great deals on Google Maps' Explore Map. If the traveler is flexible in terms of destination and dates, he can search for destination by regions of the 'Southern Europe' type and then choose specific or flexible dates. Google Flights will search thousands of possible destinations, analyze historical google flight prices and then highlight cities with good deals on flights in green. This tool, for example, is one of the most popular skyscanner.
Hotel price trends and comparatives
Hotel room rates also fluctuate , especially when rooms run out quickly, such as on New Year's Eve. To do this, Google adds Price Insights for Hotels , a tool that allows to see how prices evolve over time for the dates of the chosen trip.
For example, if you are looking to stay in a hotel in Madrid at Christmas, the traveler can explore the historical prices of that hotel, if it is lower or higher than usual, and buy that price with other hotels of the same destination within a Similar price range and with the same star rating for the same period of time.